Tarifa folk festival. Will it return?

We often ask ourselves this question. Many years ago Tarifa used to host folk festivals (modern folk music) which gave incredible colour and sound to the town. No one remembers why these concerts that filled our streets with artists and visitors from all over the world stopped. We remember that great initiative from the poster for the 1990 festival, which hangs today in the office of the delegation of culture of the town hall in Tarifa. This poster, made more than 25 years ago, gives us an idea of the skills of the organisers, who with enthusiasm and a desire for music, excelled at what they did. That image, created by people from the Canary islands, represented boldness, pride, bravery, beauty…. It represents the values of living in a land that appears the same as twenty years ago, perhaps a hundred, it is unquestionably ground breaking and irrefutable proof that Tarifa, ancient but young, has always been and will always will be the forerunner of values and ideas that sooner or later will be those taken by the so-called advanced society.

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