Travelling with children, an unforgettable experience?

To travel with children or to travel alone. That is the question. What parents when planning their trip, don’t glorify that sacred moment; “alone at last”? Then the questions pop up: Who shall we leave them with? For that one time that we go away wouldn’t it be nice to take them? And there’s always one friend who reminds you of the importance of becoming stronger as a couple when you go back to being you and him, her and you. And then the doubts increase “ we should do it, we should go alone, it will be good for us”. And again you are unsure.

Whether you are a father or a mother, without a doubt while your children are of a certain age – maybe up to 10 years old in most cases – the experiences that they have with you will be very pleasant for them and will help to cultivate the seed of family life and its development. These experiences during a trip help to tighten the bond with your children, and also, and why not?, between the parents.

We, the “Favoritas” are also mothers and one of the things that we often repeat is the strict and definitive order: “Tonight stay in your bed, don’t come to ours”. Lie. The truth is a night sleeping without intrusions is much more comfortable. But when we become used to that moment during the night when, as if it were a ghost, a flesh and bone spirit slips between our sheets, and suddenly we feel that warm little body hugging us, and with narrowed eyes we wake up and see that angelical face calmly sleeping with us, when these things happen it all becomes clear that it is and has been worth it, for all that we put up with for them. We forget their tantrums, why they didn’t want to eat this, that or the other. It’s as if those shoes don’t exist that we find strewn all over the house when they come in from outside. It’s then that we realise that although we have lost the opportunity to get away alone, having brought them has been a success. Or not?

Travelling with children has its pros and cons but the one sure thing is that it is unforgettable.

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