Gastronomy in Tarifa

The fresh products of the area, sea and hills, the best choice.

Without undermining the magnificent pizza chefs who prepare succulent pizzas in wood ovens, the truth is that Tarifa possesses a ravenous sea. Squid and other species contribute to an exceptional marine cuisine. However without a doubt there is one star: Tuna.
The Almadraba (tuna fishing) season starts in the month of May. Tuna fish has a notable taste due to being a slightly fattier type of fish.
From the land Retinto meat is typical, a type of beef reared in the area.
And we musn’t forget the vegetables that contribute to Tarifa’s great importance with their unique freshness.
Snails are another typical dish, as are different cuts of pork, many pigs are raised scavenging acorns and their meat is of exceptional quality.
Some chefs creating their niche in Tarifa work with great projection and it is highly possible that soon some of the most symbolic restaurants will be mentioned in the Michelin guide. Tarifa is a champion of Mediterranean cooking and a benchmark of Andalusian cuisine.

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