The best season to visit Tarifa

The best season to visit Tarifa is not August. The huge influx of people make any other month seem more appetizing.

Without detracting from the hubbub and the party or the significant number of people that visit Tarifa during the month of August, for us the best months depend on what you are looking for in Tarifa.

For those who enjoy nature, Tarifa is invaluable with its two natural parks and open spaces declared as Biosphere reserves. January and February are the wettest months and from March until June the countryside is green and beautiful. The contrast of this colour with the blue of the sea creates some incredible images.
June is usually windy, the Levante whips across the land and it begins to dry and ochre colours cover the earth.

In July, and to a much greater extent, August, are the months with the greatest number of visitors. September, October and November are ideal for their mild temperatures and the possibility to take part in outdoor pursuits.
The month of December is dominated by Christmas, and a distinct way of celebrating it with sand toys instead of snow.

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