The winds of Tarifa

The wind, especially the Levante, is the defender of the preservation and sustainability of Tarifa. But is it such a big deal?

This climatological element, the wind, has meant that during the years Tarifa has stayed isolated and almost forgotten. Its power gets a good run up from the Balearic islands, comes from the east, and acquires an unusual force in the Straits of Gibraltar.
It’s at its strongest between May and October, but over the years we have come to realise that June is the month in which it blows stronger than ever.
The average number of days of Levante per year represents about 30%, be it strong or more gentle.

On the other hand the calm is noticeable, especially on those days which precede a change of wind direction from Levante to Poniente (west wind) and those days are delightful for bathers and sports enthusiasts, whether at sea or on land.
The Poniente wind comes from the Atlantic and envelops Tarifa with its damp and cool caress. Its arrival is welcomed by those who flock from the interior part of Spain in the months when the temperatures make it unbearable to even walk in the street.
In any case, far from being overcome by the wind, Tarifa thrives from the richness that it brings: birds use it to help with their migration, wind and kite surfers have more fun in it than anyone else and it quickens the process of getting a nice suntan, with SPF protection of course!

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