Staying in a Centennial Building

Being in the centre of a lively town has many advantages

La Casa de la Favorita has a unique location. Nestled amongst the narrow streets of ancient Tarifa in a square where the sun starts to light up the rooms from midday until sundown, it’s an incomparable privilege.
Having bars, shops, the port of Tarifa and the beach at less than ten minutes walk away without losing the spirit of a lively town is a freedom which few get to enjoy.
By cycling, walking or skating you have everything close at hand. The car is unnecessary: forget about searching for parking, you can enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about driving, and you can walk along the alleys of the town at any moment during the day to have an apéritif or to chat with the first person you feel like. This is how you live authentic Tarifa.

Being in a lively town centre has disadvantages.

We’re not perfect. We have created an environment in the rooms carefully selected to the smallest detail; we have endowed the house with modern technology without losing the essence of the building, including air con and first class double glazed windows; we have provided (according to most of our clients) comfortable beds; we have sound proofed the rooms to the best of our ability and we have maintained the contours of the house which served as a stately home for centuries. Yes, we have done all this.
Some people are light sleepers and they tell us that in summer they hear the noise from the square, the main one in the town. There are those who have trouble climbing the stairs which we have endeavoured to preserve, in keeping with the ambience that we have created. If you wish to enjoy the idyll of peace which is La Casa de la Favorita, you should come out of high season, but if you want to visit in the months where there are more people around, principally August, you will have the drawbacks of being in the heart of Tarifa.

We like it and we sleep well but accept that not everyone is the same. Regarding the stairs, we suggest that you let us know if you need help and we can take your suitcases up to your room and bring them down when you leave.

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